2022 Harvest #2 Corn for Sabathani and Joyce

On this perfect morning for picking corn a hearty crew assembled: Barb Pratt, Zhao Boukei, Babs Pilling, Dan Carlson and Cara Rodriguez.

Corn Harvest group photo

L-R: Barb Pratt, Babs Pilling, Zhao Boukei (not pictured: Cara Rodriguez)

We were highly selective this time choosing only the plumpest, juiciest ears. First delivery was to Sabathani Foodshelf who took all they could use. Sabathani serves about 300 families each month – it’s among the smaller food banks we serve.

View of Sabathani Food Shelf

After Sabathani I took the remainder to Joyce Uptown Food Bank who were delighted. Joyce serves around 400 families a month with about 700 individual visits. Both food banks offer culturally appropriate foods for our immigrant neighbors.

The consensus among the harvesters was that a lot of the corn needs another week to fill out so the next harvest will be on Monday August 22nd.

Anna and Matt from Joyce Uptown Food Shelf

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