August Bonanza!

With bright blue overhead and vibrant green around us today’s hearty crew gathered a bumper crop of sweet corn for our food shelf partners. Thanks to Barb Pratt, Barb Rose, Chuck Lentz, Cara Rodriguez, Katy Lowery, David Edminster, Julie Young, Evra (starting 5th grade in September) and – clocking in at 92 years old – the queen of today’s harvest, DeeBelle Young (Julie’s mom).

Harvest group around a truck full of sweet corn

L-R: Evra, Katy Lowery, Barb Pratt, Sarah McCarthy, Julie Young, David Edminster Dee Young, Cara Rodriguez, Barb Rose, Chuck Lentz

Cara Rodriquez loading the pickup (Photo by Barb Rose)

Corn delivery to Pillsbury United Communities

Someday I should figure out how much fills the truck. With a little help from the volunteers at Camden Promise Food Shelf I think it’s reasonable to guesstimate today’s delivery at around 750 lbs. We didn’t count the ears but it was dozens and dozens as you can see in the photos. Pastor Jeff’s crew in North Minneapolis took about half and the remainder went to Pillsbury United Communities in the Phillips neighborhood.

I didn’t know there was a theme but it turned out that today was the tie-dye harvest. I wonder what Thursday will bring as we venture into the second succession. It’s looking mighty fine!

Tie-dye Day!




Chuck Lentz, Dee Young and David Edminster picking organic corn (Photo: Barb Rose)


  1. David Edminster on August 22, 2022 at 8:53 pm

    Glad we came, very overdue. It was Chuck and Barb that provided the motivation. Thanks to them for that!

  2. Barbara Brooks on August 23, 2022 at 12:22 pm

    How wonderful. You all have made many others happy.

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