Squash Blast

What happened to all the squash harvested last Saturday? On Monday I took the pickup to Minnneapolis where Pillsbury United Communities Foodshelf, Joyce Uptown Food Shelf, Camden Promise Food Bank and The Evangelical Temple Food Bank in Maplewood (sorry, no link) all took as much as they felt their clients could use – my guess is around 700 pounds in all. Today I took the trailer and 5 totes on pallets to Channel One Regional Food Bank in Rochester which distributes food all across southern Minnesota, they weighed the totes for a total of 2,947 pounds. There are 4 more totes waiting to be delivered to Second Harvest Heartland on Friday.

This has been an amazing project and you can still help! Please join others in supporting this effort by donating funds to the Land Stewardship Project who will, in turn, reimburse our cooperating farmer, Dana Jokela, for his time, effort, equipment and fuel. Contributions are tax-deductible.

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