Squash Deliveries 2 & 3 – 5.5 tons so far!

Unloading squash at Channel One

Unloading squash at Channel One

On Tuesday I delivered squash to Channel One Regional Food Bank in Rochester and today made another delivery to The Food Group. According to the receipts that’s 11,361 pounds of winter squash on its way to families in need. And there’s still more in the field! Once again, thanks to all who have helped with this project: Dana Jokela of Sogn Valley Farm (more detail in another post soon), all our┬ávolunteer harvesters plus John Beck who loaned the trailer and Danielle Piraino and Talia Miracle at The Food Group. It takes a village – thank you all!

Inside Channel One's Warehouse

Our squash inside Channel One’s Rochester warehouse

Where is all this squash going? Here is some information from Channel One Regional Food Bank that sheds some light on the work they do in 14 counties across southern Minnesota and Wisconsin in partnership with about 200 smaller agencies and food banks – plus direct service to Seniors and migrant families.


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