Sunday Giving

Sunday squash harvest group photo

L-R: Barb Rose, Cara Rodriguez, Johanna Gorman-Baer, Chuck Lentz, Julie Young, Jenny

A sunny Sunday morning in Sogn was perfect for this crew to gather another 1,382 pounds of squash, which was donated today (Tuesday Oct 12th) to Second Harvest Heartland (thanks, Heidi Coe). This brings our squash total to 12,743 pounds – over 6 tons! And there is still more in the field . . . Thank you Chuck, Barb, Cara, Julie, Joahnna (and Jenny, of course) and Rina, Hans, Cathy, Mark, Lisa, Sarah and Oswaldo who either arrived too late for squash (we filled those boxes in an hour and a half!) or had to leave before we started but still enjoyed a visit to the farm.

As long as we don’t have a hard frost, the squash remaining in the field can still be harvested. There is still about 50 -75 feet of the field that has barely been touched. This crop has been way beyond my wildest hopes. Thanks everyone!

A forklift unloads squash from a pickup truck

Unloading our squash at Second Harvest Heartland

A fork lift unloads a pallet of squash

Our acorn and delicata squash in the Second Harvest warehouse

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