A Strong Finish (Corn Harvest #10)

By Bob | September 19, 2020 |

A glorious September day and wonderful company made today’s corn picking a delight. Thanks to (L-R) Elizabeth Rowan, Dan “Daddy Squeeze” Newton, Beth Gilleland, Denny and Jonathan Carlson not only for hard work but entertaining conversation and camaraderie! The harvest was delivered to Camden Promise Food Shelf in North Minneapolis – they were again delighted to get freshly picked, top-quality produce since much of what is donated is nearing or past its expiration. Thanks everyone! More news on the project soon . . .

Joyce and Serenity (Harvest #9)

By Bob | September 11, 2020 |

Today’s bounty was intended for Joyce Uptown Food Shelf but we picked more than they could handle. Pillsbury United Food Bank is closed on Friday and Camden’s Promise didn’t respond to my call – what to do? Call Kerry Jo Felder, of course, for a northside connection. Naturally, she’d just left Serenity Food Shelf herself! Thanks to (L-R) Babs Pilling, Amy Shaw, Chris Bashor, Barb Pratt and David Lee for wonderful company and conversation and a much bigger harvest than I had expected.