The Big Squash Harvest

With some last-minute crew adjustments due to the pandemic we gathered a great group to harvest squash. A huge thank you to this stalwart crew who worked extra hard since 7 people who planned to help dropped out at midnight before the harvest due to a fever and Covid fears (so, far everyone’s OK).

Thanks to (L-R) Nat Case, Julie Young, Amy Shaw, Chris Bashor, Debra Goodlaxson, Maurine McCort, Tomas Goodlaxson, Barb Pratt, David Lee, Karen Kleinspen, Cindy Quehl, Mary Ann Quehl, Shirley (help me out someone!) and Gregory Rothweiler. On Monday the 28th part of the harvest was delivered to Channel One Regional Food Bank in Rochester and to the cooperating food banks in Minneapolis. On Friday October 2nd, the rest of this huge harvest will go to Second Harvest Heartland. I have no way to measure but I think this will be about 3 tons of fresh, prime squash for families in need. Once more, huge thanks to Dana Jokela of Sogn Valley Farm. This could never have happened without you.

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